At Ascending Lights, our mission is to recognize and develop Christian leaders and strengthen their churches in the struggle to break the cycle of poverty and violence.


We recognize that churches play an important role in providing services to the poor.


Yet, most urban churches lack the trained young adults necessary to run outreach programs.




Community colleges help individuals rise out of poverty.

Associate degrees increase a person's employment odds by 50%.

Community college students who transfer to Cal State Universities have higher graduation rates than those who enter as freshmen.

Over 70% of students enrolled in California public colleges are attending community colleges.


Associate degrees Increase Income

Unfortunately, there are barriers to attaining a community college education.

In greater LA, only 28% of students are prepared to enter community college.

85% — Need remedial English.

73% — Need remedial Math.

70% — Don't graduate within 6-yrs.

At the average community college there is one counselor for approximately 4,000 students. - Inside Higher Ed

Obstacles students face


Ascending Lights removes the barriers.

We give our students the mentoring, academic tutoring, leadership training, and financial support necessary to succeed. Our scholars enrich their churches during their education and give back to their communities upon graduating.