Community College Scholarships + Mentoring

Ascending Lights provides community college scholarships, financial support, and one-on-one mentoring to students who are committed to strengthening their communities through volunteer leadership roles in urban churches.


We work with church pastors in underserved, urban communities throughout greater Los Angeles to identify candidates for our program who demonstrate an authentic Christian faith and strong leadership skills.


Cover College Costs

We cover all of the costs for our students to obtain Associate’s degrees at community colleges. We pay for tuition, tutoring, transportation, books and supplies, meals while at school, counseling, computers, and special needs. We cover all the costs necessary for our students to transfer to a 4-year universities with junior standing.

Mentor Every Student

Our students receive one-on-one mentoring by a staff member who meets weekly with each enrolled student. Mentors assist students with through tutoring, test preparation, essay writing, and the monitoring of grades. Any obstacles that might affect a student's academic performance are identified.

Train Effective Leaders

Students also receive college level training in leadership, life skills coaching, and spiritual development in accordance with their church and faith tradition. Our students have served as volunteer leaders behind more than 60 church-based anti-poverty initiatives throughout greater Los Angeles.


We teach our students, as well as members of other nonprofit organizations, how to effectively mentor community college students. Participants attending our iGraduate seminars learn how to help others to choose appropriate careers, enroll in community college, obtain financial aid, and prepare a detailed educational plan.


Where Does
the Money Go?

Our work depends on the generosity of individuals, foundations, and church partners from diverse racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 


Surrounding Students With Support

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