Ascending Lights helps urban churches recognize and develop gifted young men and women who have the potential to succeed and give back to their communities.

Working with their pastors, our scholarship recipients become the next generation of urban leadership,
breaking the cycle of poverty and violence in their neighborhoods.


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Our partner churches play a pivotal role in providing services to the poor.

From youth development, to education, anti-violence programs, and food pantries, 
our partner churches serve as a critical lifeline to hurting communities. 

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Our students have strong records service in their churches.

They are leaders who are eager to help their pastors through outreach ministries
that make an impact. Ascending Lights scholars enrich their churches during their
education and give back to their communities upon graduating.

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In 1992, while observing the events surrounding the Rodney King civil unrest,

founders Gary and Marjorie Krauss conceived of an agency with a
unique formula for leadership development that would partner with
Los Angeles churches to alleviate poverty and violence.

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Mentoring is the single most important component of our program.

Our staff mentors are highly qualified, experienced Christian leaders
working at the intersection of urban ministry and higher education.